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Hey Everyone!

So I FINALLY got an opportunity to visit the Cocoa Room for breakfast this week. Cocoa Room is a very popular breakfast place in Jumeirah, Dubai. I reached 45 minutes prior to its closing time on a week day and the staff told me that they had no place left as there were still quite a few people on waiting. But since I live in another city it is not easy for me to go there often, I insisted on talking to the manager and explained my situation. He was very understanding and got us a table.

Even-though the welcome was quite disappointing, I was very pleased with the food and interior of the restaurant. Here are some clicks!






Salted Caramel and Burnt Marshmallow Hot Chocolate



Red Velvet Pancakes- with warm milk chocolate and cream cheese frosting.


Migas– scrambled eggs, beef chorizo, fried tortilla, onions, chilli pepper, fresh tomato, jack cheese served with refried beans and flour tortillas.


The food was really scrumptious! The Salted Caramel and Burnt Marshmallow Hot Cocoa was everything! The sweetness was just right for me but it might be too sweet for some people. Even-though the Red Velvet pancakes were not light and airy they were just soo good, the warm chocolate just adds another layer of pure JOY! This is best to share with a friend. The Migas was flavourful and everything about it was just right, the portion size was also perfect.

This was really fun to write about.

Hope you guys enjoyed.

Until next time!


49 thoughts on “FOOD REVIEW: COCOA ROOM

  1. The place and food looks so instagram worthy! You did a grwat job at capturing the right angles for each subject. I hope to visit this place someday. Does the Cocoa Room implement a reservation policy since you mentioned how packed it was?

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