Hey Everyone!

I was at Daiso (Japanese dollar store) the other day and I stumbled upon this fascinating product. I had to try it out to see if it really works.


You are suppose to pick up the tape with a tool like tweezers and then hold each end with your fingers while being careful not to touch the adhesive part (which I did by mistake!). It then should be applied 1mm away from the roots of your eyelashes and around 1cm away from the inner corner of your eye (This depends on the eye shape and size). I had to apply it a bit farther than 1cm from my inner corner. Press down the tape with your fingers or the applicator (I used my fingers) and use eyeliner to fill in any gaps between the tape and your eyelid.

My main issue with this product was that it was quite obvious where the tape ends and the eyeliner begins. From far it is not that noticeable but up close it shows. I think this product is designed for smaller eyes, because for me there was a big gap from my inner corner and where the tape started. Because if I placed it closer to my inner corner, then the wing would not show at all. Another issue, was the colour difference between the tape and eyeliner. The tape was greyish black but my eyeliner was jet black. So the difference was obvious. That being said, the product does do what it is suppose to do. I wore it all day (6+ hours) and it was waterproof and did not move from its place.

Would I recommend it? No

Overall rating: 5/10

Overall, I think it takes too much effort to apply. It also feels like you have something on your eye the whole time the product is on. Maybe if you have quick hands and a matching eyeliner then you can use it when you have limited time to get ready.

Hope this was helpful!

Until next time.



12 thoughts on “WINGED EYELINER TAPE?

      1. If u put this product 2 mm away from the eyes and then draw in with the liner wouldn’t this make a great guide to wingtips. I can never do a great upper eyelid liner.. My hand shakes so shifted pencil only on the lower eyelid

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