Hey Everyone!

Since exams are coming up , I will not be posting any new content for the next two weeks. However, after exams comes Summer! So today I wanted to share with you all some of the things I wanted to do this Summer.

Here it goes:



1.Learn how to drive

Since I already passed my theory test, I need to start the practical and finally get my license.

2.Read at least 3 books

First I need to read Fever Code, which I have been delaying for the longest time. Then I have to find some new books to read. Any recommendations guys?

3.Continue to go to the gym

I always find it the hardest to put in the effort to exercise! I want to try to continue to maintain my schedule for the summer.

4.Buy more nail polish! 

Especially hoping to find a peel-off base coat (not online).

5.Try out new eyeshadow looks

I have such lovely shadows yet I barely use them. I want to try out some of the shades I have not used yet.

6.Take better care of my skin

Try to form a proper skincare routine.

7.Colour in my adult colouring book

When I got “The Wandering City” as a gift from a friend, I was over-joyed! However, I have not really coloured much in it. It takes time but is so much fun.

8.Try out new restaurants

I really enjoy trying out new foods and sharing it with you guys. Hoping to find some hidden gems.

9.Continue to put out interesting content for my blog

This summer it will be my 1 year Blogiversay! I want to maintain my blog and put out more content you all as well as I enjoy. (Do leave down in the comments below what kind of posts you guys enjoy most!)

10. Maybe Travel

I am a huge travel enthusiast and love gaining new experiences and exploring new places.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Until next time.


36 thoughts on “SUMMER TO-DO LIST

  1. Hello there,
    First of all best of luck for your exams
    Now the book recommendation: have you read the thousand splendid suns? I love it!!
    I did not know that peel off base coats exist even…
    Nice blog you got there 🙂
    I’d appreciate if you could visit my blog also and follow it if you like… 😘😘

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    1. Thanks a lot! Yes I have heard about that book. Thanks for the recommendation, will check it out. Yes I have been hooked on to Simply Nailogical’s channel on Youtube and thats where I found out about the amazing world of peel-off base coats!

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  2. I have like 5 adult colouring books but life gets in the way and I have barely used them would love to get back into them again 🙈

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  3. I need to buy new nail polishes too… I always look at my collection and am so disappointed with my selection because I’ve used them over and over. Time to add some fresh spring/summer colors. Also trying new restaurants is always on my list….I love trying new foods- yum!!

    xo, JJ

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  4. Congrats on finishing your exams!
    Looks like you’ve got a lot on the go for the summer. As for the peel off nail polish base, do you have access to Sally Hansen? They offer one.

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  5. Like all of these summer goals, especially the one mentioning peel off nail polishes which are such a trend lately. You should definitely look for some in OPI extensive collection 💛 And colourful eye makeup is definitely worth of trying to accomplish 💛

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