Hey Everyone!

Since the semester is coming to an end, I have been very busy with coursework and assignments and because of that I have not been able to post regularly. I will be back with regular posts and update myself with your posts very soon.

Today I decided to do a quick post on an amazing find!

I recently visited my all time favourite bookstore and as I was looking around I found this sponge. I picked it up with the thought that maybe I can use it to swipe my brushes in between eye shadow application. Guess what?! It totally works!

I did not know its actual purpose was so I looked it up. It is actually a Universal Cup Moistener used in between flipping pages or opening plastic bags.


Universal Cup Moistener: 4 AED = 1.09 USD

Sephora Colour Switch: 18 USD (Image taken from Google)






You can easily swipe the brush in the sponge and move on to the next colour. No colour transfer! I tried this with different brushes as well as different eye shadows and it works just as well.

Hope this was helpful.

Until next time!


20 thoughts on “COLOUR SWITCH DUPE

  1. Very handy! I didn’t think they still made these sponge things for turning pages since it’s so old school!
    I bought a Colour Switch dupe from Winners for around $8. It works really well – it looks like this:

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