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Hey Everyone!

A while back I got to visit “Parker’s” in Dubai Mall. This restaurant has been gaining popularity on social media because of its new concept of finding a key. People can use Snapchat or Instagram to find the key hidden somewhere in Dubai Mall. You can only access the restaurant once you find the key. Do not worry it is quite easy to find. 🙂


I found my key in “The Village” inside Dubai Mall. There is a guy sitting with a bag of keys which is hard to miss.


After finding the key, we had to wait in line outside for around 35 minutes, even-though we went for lunch on a week day.


After entering we were given a table number, then we had to order our food at the cashier before taking our seats. The restaurant had a really cool interior and great ambiance. However, the space was a bit cramped and it took around 25 minutes for our food to arrive.


Street Fries 



Lime Hot Pasta



Pretzel Crusted Chicken



Lotus Drama


Among all the dishes we ordered, my favourite was the Pretzel crusted chicken. It was crunchy and very flavourful. The Street fries were also very delicious and the portion size was perfect. The Lime hot pasta was a bit sour for my liking, even-though the crispy chicken bites in it were quite good. Since our food arrived a bit late, we were given complimentary drinks, which was their signature “Black Lemonade“. However it just tasted like a bit of lemon in water and was tasteless. The best and the most awaited part of this whole trip was the desert! A warm delicious biscoff pudding with lotus fudge and vanilla ice-cream. The dessert was perfection! It was the perfect ending to a lovely meal. However, since the dessert is quite sweet it is best to share with someone.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

I would love to visit this place again to try out their sliders and other mouth-watering desserts.

Hope you guys enjoyed.

Until next time!



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