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Hey Everyone!

So I recently went on a vacation back home to Karachi for a few weeks. During that time I got to visit many amazing restaurants and eat good food with family and friends.

Here are a few of my favourites which I would love to revisit.


Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at Delfrio.

Delfrio is open at many different locations in Karachi and I have visited them all on different occasions. This is great place to hangout with family or friends since it has a great atmosphere, interior and good food. Personally above all I LOVE their desserts! Their molten lava cake with ice cream is wonderful and my new favourite is their freshly baked cookie with ice-cream. Their ice-creams are also very smooth and delicious but do melt quicker than other ice-creams.

Rating: 7/10


Dinner at Rosati Bistro

Beautiful interior and great food! We ordered a chicken fajita sizzler which came alongside other condiments, lasagna and a stuffed chicken burger and dynamite shrimps. Overall everyone enjoyed the food and had great time. On the other hand, I do think their service needs improvement and if you going to visit with your family, dinner time is more preferable.

Rating: 7.5/10


Soft-serve at Kaybees

I used to visit Kaybees quite often as a child and have fond memories of it. However, they have deteriorated quite a bit over the years. One thing that has not changed is their soft-serve! This is super affordable and delicious and there are quite a lot of flavours to choose from. I like them all so I always get the mix one.

Ice-cream rating: 8/10


Hi-tea at Movenpick

Great selection of bites from all over the world. I always wanted to try Hi-tea because of the experience and I do not regret it. The only downside to me was their coffee. I ordered Cafe Latte and it was not good at all. The proportion of milk to coffee was just not right even after they remade it.

Rating: 7/10

I am not sure if I would like to revisit the same place for hi-tea again. I do want to try other places.


Dinner at Kolachi

This restaurant is the love of my life! It is located by the sea and I absolutely love the ambiance, service and food of this place. You can not leave Karachi without eating here. Trust me guys, you will not be disappointed. Their chicken malai boti is the most delicious, tender and flavourful thing I have ever eaten in my life. I also love their other dishes but one or two others were not up to the bar. The only downside to this place is the location! It is VERY far from the city! Might take 45 minutes or more. Additionally, if you go on a weekend after 7pm, be prepared for a long wait, and I am talking 2 hours or more. Personally for me, it is worth the wait.

Rating 9/10


Dinner at Chaupal

This is the second best restaurant in all of Karachi! Ideally located in the city centre with a mouth-watering buffet, gorgeous interior design and great service. Since it is outdoors, I would not recommend this place for a hot summer day.

Rating: 9/10

Note: These reviews are based on my own personal experience.

Hope you guys enjoyed.

Until next time!







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