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Hey Everyone!

Today I will be reviewing Romantic Bird cosmetics lipgloss magic lip tattoo pack, as mentioned in my previous post, New Beauty Purchases. This was available in 3 shades: a red, pink and orange shade, but I only purchased the pink one.


  • Packaging and Design: 7/10

Its quite simple and I like that.

  • Applicator: 5/10

It is VERY messy to apply on lips. Some of the colour leaked on to my teeth and that was very inconvenient.

  • Staying power: 6.5/10

To be honest I did not wear this out all day as is, I rubbed off quite a bit of colour. It lasted a few hours but not through eating. If you leave the product on as is I think it would last quite long but it does get lighter with time.

  • Drying time: 5-10 minutes.

It does take longer than it should to dry, but it is easy to peel off.

  • Colour: 5/10

I was VERY disappointed with the colour of this lip tint. The colour is a bright barbie pink just like the cap of this product when it is suppose to be “Peach Pink” as stated on packaging. The colour is too bright and I would never wear it outside unless I dull it down and apply something on top.

Additionally I do not know why it says “Lipgloss Magic” on the product. All it does is tint my lips and I think makes then drier than they already are. No gloss what so ever.

  • Overall rating: 5/10
  • Repurchase: NO

Hope this was fun and helpful.

Until next time!



21 thoughts on “PEEL-OFF LIP TINT REVIEW

  1. It’s quite sad that this product wasn’t as good as you thought it would be. I admire the fact that you stayed honest and straight to the point all through out the blog. Thanksfor the short and bitter-sweet review.

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  2. I’m not sure about any brand of peel off lip tints, they all seem like rubbish to be honest 🙂 When I tried the monomola brand it leaked in my mouth, went on my teeth and tasted poisonous!

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