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Hey Everyone!

This time I decided to do something different. Last night my family and I decided to take a quick trip to Box Park in Dubai. Dubai is a diverse city in which people of different nationalities and cultures co-exist. Due to this reason Dubai is also one of the top culinary destinations in the world.

Box Park is an area in Jumeirah, Dubai, with cafes, restaurants and high-end shops. Since I have always wanted to try chocolate fondue, I decided to give this place called The Melting Pot a try.

I ordered a Pure milk chocolate fondue, which came along with these delicious variety of fruits, coated marshmallows and cakes.





Overall, this is was an amazing experience! The fondue was rich and smooth and sides also tasted great! The only negative I would say about this place is that the portion size is too small, I was pretty sure I could eat another serving 😂

I would rate this place 8/10. Next time I am planning on trying the cheese fondue.

That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed this.

Until next time!





13 thoughts on “FOOD REVIEW: FONDUE!

  1. OH MY GOSH! I’ve been wanting to try a real fondue place for ages, because usually I just melt chocolate and dip random crap into it (edible crap don’t worry) and now you’ve convinced me completely! I’m a complete choc-a-holic, so this would be perfect. All I need to do is pop on a plane to Dubai, not that hard eh?It looks so gorgeous, ohh I’m hungry now :O

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  2. What a great place to hang out with friends and/or family! I hope to visit this place someday too. What would you recommend for a first timer? I’ve never tried fondue as well.

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