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Party Shoes.

Hey Everyone!

It is Eid tomorrow and I am very excited! On this occasion Maha and I decided to do a collaboration on our top 3 pair of shoes for an event! Check out her blog for the other 3.


These are my favourite! Rose gold heels with a bit of shimmer.


These are my dull gold heels which are not too fancy! Perfect for small occasions.


These are my most worn pair of heels! I love the side details and black is always my to-go colour.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Until next time!


28 thoughts on “Party Shoes.

  1. All of the selections are simply gorgeous! I really love the photography style for the first pair. The light really hits the shoes in the right direction, letting it flaunt its features.

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  2. If I had to choose, I would say the second pair were my favorite of the bunch. I normally don’t wear heels unless it is for a special occasion, but the second pair are very stylish indeed, in my opinion.


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